Working!!!: Lord of the Takanashi

Working!!!: Lord of the Takanashi


Title: Working!!!: Lord of the Takanashi


Episodes: 1

Aired: Mar 30, 2016

Source: 4-koma manga


The light-hearted Working!! franchise comes to a close in this final episode of the concluding season. Will Aoi Yamada get the closure she so desperately needs with her distant mother? Will the relationship between Yachiyo Todoroki and Jun Satou continue to remain stagnant and awkward? Perhaps even Souta Takanashi and Mahiru Inami will take a step forward in deepening their eccentric friendship. And in the end, Wagnaria Restaurant might finally get a new chief! Beautifully connected, all these events intertwine to give these characters a final ending to their stories. [Written by MAL Rewrite]